Microhard NMS: Login
Register for Domain and Domain Administrator Account


  • The Domain Name and Domain Password will be the credential used in the modem's NMS configuration.
  • The Domain Name should represent your organization/department/region accordingly. (for example: microhardcorp.com, calgary.microhardcorp.com etc.)
  • It is recommended that the Domain Name be the same as your corporation's domain. (eg. if your email is abc@xyz.com, please use xyz.com as your Domain Name)

Domain Administrator Account

Same as primary email address
  • The Domain Administrator Account (email address and password) will be your login credential to access the NMS.
  • You will be able to manage user accounts within the domain
  • You will be able to manage all the devices that has been registered to the domain.
  • Service email address will be used for receiving alerts and/or password recovery.

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